Ski School Snowpower


Experience the pleasures of skiing for the first time or improve your skills in a breathtaking environment. Ski School Snowpower Lermoos offers the perfect conditions for all age groups - individual and flexible!

Whether you prefer to carve your first turns into untouched slopes in the morning or prefer bolting down descents as fast as possible, all winter sports enthusiasts are in their element in the mountains. In the splendid setting of the Grubigstein ski resort, it’s impossible not to enjoy your time on skis. We strive to convey this unique love for snow to our guests. Individual and flexible, we are capable of meeting your demands in group or single courses seven days a week.

Quality not Quantity

We re-launched our business in 2017 with a fresh and motivated ski team. Founded by ski instructors from the Lermoos and Snowpower ski schools, we combine extensive know-how with years of experience. We teach our customers state-of-the-art skiing techniques and offer a wide range of courses that cater for all skill levels. Our dedicated children’s department serves the youngest ski enthusiasts. Our Kids Programme promotes the children’s love for skiing and allows them to express it with their peers.


Barrier-Free Skiing at Ski School Snowpower Lermoos

Handicaps are for golfers! Ski School Snowpower Lermoos utilises technical and didactic innovations to ensure barrier-free fun for everyone, also for skiing enthusiasts with disabilities. We provide unlimited fun on the slopes seven days a week, whether in group lessons for up to nine people or in individual private courses. In addition, we offer a range of exciting experiences such as torch descents and panoramic tours. So what are you waiting for? We’re looking forward to meeting you!

With sporty greetings,
Ski School Manager Michael Fasser and his Ski School Snowpower Lermoos team

Gruppenkurse Kinder

  • 4-12 Jahre
  • 7 Tage die Woche
  • Einstieg jeden Tag möglich.

Ultimate Snowboard Gruppe

  • 7 Tage die Woche.
  • Empfehlung: Mindestalter 9 Jahre

Privat Kurse

  • Privat Kinder - Jugend - Erwachsene
  • Ski - Snowboard - Skitour | individuell nach Ihren Bedürfnissen
  • Schneller Lernerfolg garantiert.

No Handicap

  • Kurse für Menschen mit Behinderung
  • Bi Ski - Mono Ski
  • Wir gehen individuell auf die Behinderung der Personen ein.

Aktion Kinder

  • Zu ausgewählten Zeiten
  • max. 6 Kinder in den Gruppen
  • 2,5 bis 4 Jahre 2 h täglich Mo-FR
  • 1. Tag CHECK kostenlos. Bezahlen Sie erst ab dem 2. Tag

Action Jugendkurse

  • Jugend Power Kurse
  • 13-18 Jahre.
  • 7 Tage die Woche inkl. Contest

Erwachsenen Gruppe

  • 7 Tage die Woche
  • Einstieg jeden Tag möglich

Nordic - Langlauf

  • Gruppenkurse - Privat Kurse
  • Klassisch oder Skating
  • Fit im Urlaub mit der richtigen Technik.

Bambini - Skizwerge

  • Für Kleinkinder von 3 und 4 Jahren max. 6 Kinder in der Gruppe.
  • 2 Stunden Täglich
  • 10:15 bis 12:15 Uhr

First Track und Fackelabfahrt

  • Unsere Events ein Top Highlight
  • First Track - Erste Spur
  • Fackelabfahrt
  • Schneeschuh Panoramatour
  • Schnupper Skitour