Special Toddler Offer

The Ski Course for Toddlers

The special toddler programme of Ski School Snowpower in Lermoos ensures exciting ski courses, even off-season. Fun, games, and first skiing experiences…

Small skiing elves come into their own. There is no “too early” in terms of gaining your first skiing experiences. That’s why our youngest guests (aged between 2.5 and 4) cautiously discover the favourite winter sport of their parents in our so-called “nappy courses”. However, fun and the pleasure of skiing are always the priority.

Ski School Snowpower Lermoos: On Familiar Terms with Skiing

Our youngest guests come into their own in January and March. We ensure that the minis discover their passion for winter sports by offering a balanced mixture of skiing, games, and entertainment. In half-day courses, they gather first snow know-how and become acquainted with winter sports in a playful manner. Our “magic carpet” transports the little skiing enthusiasts to the top of our child-friendly practice slope. Other assistive devices support our experienced ski instructors in their efforts to teach the youngest the basics.

Special Toddler Offer at Ski School Snowpower

While the adults race down the slopes with vigour, the well-trained team of Ski School Snowpower is more than happy to take care of the little angels. The so-called “nappy course” for young children is a half-day course that takes place between 10.00am and 12.00am. Our focus is always on the welfare of the little ones. Even if it might be a bit too early for actual skiing for some, but the special toddler course prepares the kids for their slope adventures of the future.

Are you planning a winter holiday in January or March? Find out how your little ones can benefit from our Special Toddler Offer right now!

Preise „windelkurse“ - 2,5 - 4 Jahre

Sunday to Friday  
Morning 2h 10: 00-12: 00 o´clock
1st day acclimatization € 20,00 Sunday or Monday possible
Connection day € 40, - daily