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Snowpower Lermoos

First Track

First on the Mountain

The early bird catches the worm! Isn’t it the dream of every winter sports enthusiast to be the first to leave a mark on freshly groomed slopes? Ski School Snowpower’s First Track experience makes this dream come true.

Untouched slopes, the first rays of sunshine, and a unique atmosphere - those who get out of bed earlier than others are rewarded with a very special experience. Every Thursday, the silent cableways of Lermoos’ Grubigstein resort start up earlier than usual to transport you to the summit before everyone else.

Be the First to Leave Your Mark on the Mountain - Ski School Snowpower Lermoos

In order to be the first to enjoy the slopes, we meet at the Grubig 1 cableway at 7.15am. After navigating the as yet untouched descents, we have definitely earned a treat in the form of a hearty mountain breakfast at the Wolfratshaus Hut. The group of no more than 30 people is accompanied by our experienced ski guides. They not only know the best descents, but are also more than happy to share the most exciting aspects of the Lermoos ski resort.

First Track - The Elation of Fresh Snow

Anyone who gazes at the untouched slopes of the Grubigstein and their natural beauty must surely think that the backdrop of our First Track event is too kitschy to be true. It really isn’t though. So take a deep breath and enjoy this unforgettable moment. The only prerequisite for participating in this early-morning experience is that you should feel comfortable navigating descents on red slopes.

You can book your First Track experience online or directly at the ski resort’s valley station.