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Snowpower Lermoos

Meeting Point

Location and Base of Ski School Snowpower Lermoos

Snow is sparkling in the sun and crunching under the soles of your shoes. Enjoy the start of your exciting ski course day and take in the breathtaking panorama of the Grubigstein ski resort.

Are you attending a group course at Ski School Snowpower Lermoos? Then you’re about to meet up with your “classmates” at the meeting point in Lermoos’ Oberdorf area. This central location is the perfect base for accessing the slopes. Conveyor belts and slope taxis ensure that you and your group reach your starting point comfortably and safely. For private courses, an individual meeting place in line with your personal wishes can be arranged.

Meeting Point Ski School Snowpower: Beginners and Professionals

An ideal connection to the slopes is paramount. That’s why beginners - no matter whether they are attending private or group courses - meet at the meeting place in Oberdorf. The easiest way to reach it from Oberdorf itself is by passing Hotel Rustika. From Unterdorf, you pass the valley station of the Familyjet. Beginners simply hop into the slope taxi and are transported directly to our practice area. All those for whom blue slopes are no hindrance, take the Familyjet to the summit, where they are awaited by our instructors at the meeting point in the lower third of the slope. The valley stations of the Hochmoosexpress, Grubigstein Gondelbahn, and Familyjet, as well as the Brettlalm middle station, act as the starting point for private courses involving more advanced skiers. Naturally, we will inform you about all relevant meeting places upon registration. In addition, you can also request to be picked up from your hotel individually.


Cross-Country Skiing - Meeting Point in Lermoos

In Lermoos, cross-country skiers don’t have to roam far. The meeting point for courses offered by Ski School Snowpower is at the Kerkerkapelle on Moosweg. The trail, which can be accessed at the village border, guarantees many relaxing hours in harmony with nature. The meeting point at Golfino is equally idyllic. Upon request, we are more than happy to arrange an individual meeting place with you.

Are you interested in a skiing, snowboarding, or cross-country skiing course at Ski School Snowpower? Contact us today. We are looking forward to your inquiry!