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Questions and answers

Is there a ski shop in the ski school or do you cooperate with another skis hop?
There are seven ski shops in lermoos. We cooperate well with all seven, however there are no special offers for our guests. You can find the ski shops on our homepage under references.

If the lesson does not satisfy, is it possible to switch(ex. snowboard to ski) ?
Yes, we ask that you inform the office Unterdorf 14/3 or a department head, so we can change the booking.

Is it possible to join a lesson in the middle of the week?
Group lessons are appointed on Sunday and Monday. For advanced skiers it is possible to join a group during the week.
>Kids, Bambini and Youth beginner lessons can be joined 7 days of the week
>Snowboard an Adult beginner lessons start on Sunday and Monday, for any other day consult our office: +43 5673 20990 or our Ski school boss.

Is it possible to book a specific teacher for group lessons?
Normally this is possible, we ask that you inform us as soon as possible via phone or email However we cannot guarantee that we can assign the desired teacher.

How early do we have to book a private teacher?
The earlier the better! We do ask that you do so at least one day before the start of the lesson, so we can allocate our teachers.
During holidays we ask that you book as early as possible. If you cannot make the booking one day before, we will have to assign a teacher that is currently available. You can book through our office, internet or by phone.

How is the price calculated for private ski and snowboard lessons?
The base price is for 1-2 persons, from 3 persons up the price will increase.
Ex. 2 hours private for 2 persons is €150.- and 2 hours private for 4 persons is €190.-

Is it possible to book lunch per day?
Yes, we ask that you book our lunch package before 10:00 o`clock for the same day, in our office or at the meeting point.

What age do kids have to be fore ski lessons?
3 years old.
For our 3 year olds we offer half-day lessons (Bambini Lesson).
For all other kids we offer full or half-day lessons.
We advise an age of 8 for our snowboard lessons, it is possible to book for younger kids.

What is the difference between intro day and normal lessons?
In case of extension after an intro lesson, a price reduction will be taken in to account

Do you have Dutch ski teachers?
We do have Dutch ski teachers as well as Austrian teachers who can speak Dutch. We cannot guarantee that you will get a Dutch teachers. Normally all teachers can speak English, for other languages please contact us.

Do we need to pre-book group lessons?
We recommend booking group lessons ahead of time in our online shop. So you can save time and reserve a spot in the ski school.

Do the lessons have to be day after day?
Normally the days should be linked, as the group will continue with their program and learn new things every day. It could lead to a change of group. Consult your ski teacher for the best options.

Is it possible to pay with credit card?
We accept Visa, MasterCard, bank cards, transfers and cash.

Is it possible to join a group for just one day?
We recommend three days. The program for group lessons is built for the entire week. Especially for beginners we recommend at least 3 to 5 days, so you can learn the basics.

Frequently asked questions

Is the ski pass included in the lesson?
The ski passes have to be bought separately. You can find the info on the passes here: Bergbahn
You can also buy ski passes in our office Unterdorf 14/3.

Do the kids beginners groups need a ski pass?
Kids and bambini beginners do not need a pass in the first few days.  Practicing in the beginner area is free of charge. As soon as we leave the beginner area you need a ski pass. We advise to buy ski passes for beginner adults and youth. Ask your teacher about needing a ski pass. Advanced skiers all need a ski pass. There are family tariffs: Bergbahn Familientarife

Is it required to wear a helmet in Austria?
No, but we recommend every participant to wear a helmet. Kids and youth are required to wear a helmet in our lessons. All our teachers wear helmets, except those in the beginner area.

Can our kids go together in a group?
We appoint kids to their groups based on their skill and age. If your children and friend of your children ski on the same level, please inform us and we will see if they will fit in one group. If they do not ski on the same level, the child that skis better will have to cope with the skill level of the other.

How can I book my lessons?
You can book online (group lessons only), by email or in our office.

Do we have to book the full 5 (6) days, or can we book less days?
The program is built up for the entire week, with a race on Friday. It would make sense to book the full 5 (6) days. But it is very possible to book less days.

Is there a difference if we book 2 or 3 days and then extend the lesson?
Yes, there is a difference between the 2 or 3 day extension rate.

Is it possible to make it in time if both parents and children are booked for a lesson?
Yes, the adults and children do start the lesson at the same time. But the kids get appointed to their groups at 9:30 in the beginner area, from that time on they are supervised by our teachers. The adults get appointed at 9:45. If your children are not booked for lunch, they will be waiting with our teachers at the house on the beginner area.

What do the children have to wear for the lessons?
Good skiing gear consists of: Skis, boots, helmet and a ski suit that keeps warm and dry. Gloves are important to prevent injury and keep the hands warm. You can rent fitting skis and boots at one of the shops in Lermoos.

How does the group classification take place?
Most our guest book online, by email or in our office and can try classify themselves. When you arrive on the beginner area to be appointed to your group, we will ask some questions about your experience and will appoint you to the right group. This is faster and as effective as showing us how you ski. If the classification was not correct, then it is possible to change groups. Please ask your teacher.

Do we get our money back if the kids don’t like it?
Normally you only get your money back in the event of illness or injury (with a confirmation of a doctor). However we offer many possibilities to minimise your “risk” (Intro day, Extensions, ...).