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Cross-Country Skiing

Cross-Country Skiing in the Breathtaking Landscape of Lermoos

It’s all about technique! These words of wisdom ring especially true in the context of cross-country skiing. Your dexterity determines whether you are out of breath immediately after the start or whether you glide through the countryside full of vigour.

Cross-country skiing is pure relaxation. The decelerated nature of the sport means that you can take in the beautiful landscape of the Grubigstein ski resort while keeping your heart and circulation in shape. This popular sport is actually a full-body training that exercises all muscles in your body. The team at Ski School Snowpower Lermoos can assist you in making your first steps or improving your existing skills. Enthusiasm is infectious!

Ski School Snowpower Lermoos - Classic or Skating Cross-Country Skiing Courses

The classic style is based on the traditional movement that marked the beginning of cross-country skiing. In a fixed track, you perform a diagonal forward movement to propel yourself forwards. This style is perfectly suited for beginners, because it makes it easier to cope with steeper passages. In contrast, the faster-paced skating technique requires more balance. Propulsion is achieved by pushing alternating skis away from one another at an angle.

Cross-Country Skiing in Breathtaking Scenery

The trails in Tyrol’s Zugspitz Arena offer optimal training conditions: snow-covered meadows and stunning mountain scenery make learning the basic techniques easier. The well-trained cross-country skiing instructors at Ski School Lermoos are always at your side to provide helpful assistance in all matters. Enjoy a respite from hectic everyday life and let your mind wander freely.

Cross-country skiing made easy! Try your hand at skating or glide along the trails of Lermoos in the classic style. Ski School Snowpower is looking forward to your visit.

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