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Snowpower Lermoos


The Green Piste Joker

He’s a real rascal! Merry Moosle just wants to have fun, all the time. The mascot of Lermoos roams the slopes and mingles with the children. Have you spotted him yet?

What is small, green, always in good spirits, and even wears traditional “Lederhosen” in winter? The answer is, of course, Moosle! As a true local, the mascot of the Grubigstein region grew up on skis and is a real ace in terms of winter sports. He blasts down every slope at high speeds. Moosle tends to get bored when he’s lonely, which is why he enjoys mingling with the children!

Children’s Ski School Snowpower: Magical Moments

Moosle is everywhere and nowhere. The reason is that Moosle, the jolly mascot of Children’s Ski School Snowpower in Lermoos, is a magician. Just when you think you’ve spotted him among the youngest on the “magic carpet”, he’ll suddenly laugh out of a pile of snow. Maybe that’s him scuttling past the “power kids” to hide behind a tree while marvelling at the children’s progress. Moosle loves fooling around. If you look very closely, you might even catch him in the act.

Spotting Moosle in Lermoos

Moosle has no time for boredom. The kids meet the ski school’s jolly rascal on a daily basis. It’s impossible to attend a course in Lermoos without coming across Moosle. Look! There he is, the green scoundrel! He’s racing down the snow-covered mountain to immerse himself in his magical realm, where he entertains young and old.

Do you think your children would enjoy fun on the slopes and meeting Moosle? Contact us for information regarding our wide range of children’s courses. We are looking forward to meeting you and your family!