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Skiing While Seated

Do you fancy hurtling down blue and red slopes? Or would you rather carve through deep powder? At Ski School Snowpower, all children are - thanks to the innovative bi-skis - afforded the opportunity to experience the joys of winter sports.

For many people, sport is a source of energy, vitality, and self-confidence. People with disabilities also gain strength from physical activity and should therefore not be forced to forgo the experience. The so-called bi-ski is the perfect aid for those who are eager to hurtle down well-groomed slopes at a rapid pace, regardless of what level of impairment they may have to deal with in everyday life. The only requirement is that the future skiing enthusiasts are able to bend their legs.

What is a Bi-Ski?

The easiest way to explain the nature of a bi-ski is by comparing it to a ski bob. Children and teenagers with disabilities are seated in a shell that is attached to two skis. Secured by straps in the chest and leg areas, they are now able to zoom down the slopes with Ski School Snowpower Lermoos’ specifically trained instructors. Images and videos of our bi-skis can be viewed in the media section of our website.

Barrier-Free Slope Access

At Ski School Snowpower Lermoos fun always comes first! Therefore, it is particularly important to us to adapt to the individual wishes and demands of our guests.

Would you like to know more about our bi-skis or book a ski course? Please feel free to send us a non-binding inquiry via the contact form.

Wir bedienen alle Arten von Behinderungen

Unserer Ausgebildeten Skilehrer haben in allen Skilehrerwegen Ausbildungen.

  • Amputationen und Gliedmaßenschäden
  • Muskeldystrophien
  • Sehbehinderung
  • Cerebralparese
  • Hörbehinderung
  • mentale Behinderung
  • Sitzender Skilauf

Je nach Grad der Behinderung stellen wir Ihnen ein Programm zusammen.

Es ist uns wichtig auf jeden einzelnen sehr gut vorbereitet den Kurs zu starten, desshalb ist uns ein Gespräch vorab sehr wichtig.

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